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Interlude: Changes # 3

Though I am very happy with the way my blog has been received so far, in the past few days I have been presented with the very interesting opportunity of collaborating with a relatively new prog website (called ProgSphere)  in order to help it grow and establish itself on the thriving Internet scene.

As I will be free to contribute at my own pace, avoiding the overload that forced me to interrupt my previous collaboration, I will also have time to dedicate myself to this blog by posting more ‘vault’ reviews – which  I have noticed my readers appreciate as much as those of new material.  However, at least for the time being, my ‘new’ reviews will be posted both here and on ProgSphere.  Though it is indeed rewarding to do one’s own thing, it is also nice to be able to help a new website to develop and gain a loyal following.

Therefore, I invite all of you to check ProgSphere – not just for my own reviews, but especially for those written by its other collaborators, who deserve as much appreciation for their work as I have got from you over the past few months. Thanks for sticking around!



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