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This is the kind of post I would have never wanted to publish. Even if most of my readers think I am very good with words, there are circumstances in which I find myself completely at a loss, and feel that whatever I say will ring hollow and contrived.

Less than an hour ago, through my Facebook contacts, I learned of the tragic death of Alberto Bonomi, keyboardist of D.F.A, one of the best progressive bands to ever come out of Italy – a review of whose fourth and final album I had posted here a few months ago. I had met Alberto and his bandmates two years ago at NEARfest, and fallen in love with their music, so I was sad to learn that the band had called it a day because of the all too usual clashes between the life of a musician and family and work commitments. However, the terrible news of Alberto’s passing in a car accident have put things in a very different perspective.

As soon as I read the news, I walked to my player and put 4th on, my heart heavy with sadness. As someone who has lost quite a few loved ones in the past few years, my thoughts immediately went to Alberto’s family and his former bandmates. The sense of sadness that I am experiencing now is not just for the loss of an outstanding musician, but for the loss of a man who, at 48 years old, was just 3 years younger than me, and whose untimely demise is going to leave a hole in many people’s lives that not even the passing of time will ever completely fill.

My dear readers, as corny as it may sound, the bottom line is, life is short, and we are all hanging by a thread. Let us make the most of what we have today, instead of wasting it by wallowing in negativity and resentment. Let us celebrate Alberto’s life today by playing his wonderful music, the legacy he left to the world, and remember that music is, and always will be, one of the most powerful, life-affirming forces. Thank you, Alberto, and goodbye…

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