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Some of my readers may have noticed that, after a very busy first half of the month in terms of posting, I have more or less dropped off the radar in the past two weeks. My original intention was to publish two more reviews of albums by modern Italian bands before the end of March, but unfortunately something completely unexpected happened that threw a king-sized spanner in the works.

Needless to say, as much as I love writing about music, at the moment reviewing is the last thing on my mind. I will not go into details, because the misery that human beings can inflict on each other in the name of misguided ideals does not belong on a blog dedicated to one of the highest endeavours of the human mind. Though it is nothing that cannot be remedied (and thankfully not health-related), it will very probably take a heavy toll in terms of stress, worry and financial expense.

As this blog has been the source of so much satisfaction to me, I felt I owed an explanation to my readers and supporters. Too many bloggers, even very good ones, disappear into thin air when confronted with difficulties or life changes, and I wanted to inform those who have made this venture worthwhile of what is going on. Thank you in advance of your support and understanding, and hope to be back as soon as possible!

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