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Interlude: Changes… Again!

In the past year, since Fire of Unknown Origin came into existence, there have been quite a few changes in my situation as a music writer – changes which I have duly reported here for all my readers, both the core of my audience and those who stumble upon the  blog through a Google search or a link on some other site. Therefore, this is the right time to announce another change, which is bound to have some sort of impact on this blog (even if not necessarily in negative terms).

On Monday, July 18, my first review was published on the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages, known for short as DPRP -one of the longest-running, most comprehensive progressive rock websites currently available on the Internet. This marked the official start of a collaboration that I hope will last for as long as humanly possible, and that will expose my writings to an even wider audience. While it will not mean the end of this blog, which has been too successful a venture to just kill it off – or even let it languish almost untended, soon to be forgotten – there will be inevitable changes as regards the frequency of its updates. In fact, I will keep any reviews I write for DPRP exclusive to that site, so that there will not be any overlap between my two main commitments. If I have the time and inclination, I will start posting “vault” reviews again, and obviously review any other material that has already been covered (or will be covered) by other DPRP writers. And then, I hope to be able to post more opinion pieces like the ones I wrote about the NEARfest cancellation – I already have a couple of interesting topics in mind.

For those of you who are in touch with me via Facebook, I will continue to post links to any new articles on my FB page, as well as links to any of my reviews published on DPRP. In the meantime, I would like to thank everyone once again for sticking with me, and for helping to make this blog a success story.

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