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Interlude: Changes

Many things change in  people’s lives, some unexpectedly, others less so.  Last week saw the end of my collaboration with the website I had been writing for over the last 15 months – an event that, while unexpected, was not completely unforeseen. The amount of CDs I was expected to review on my own was so staggering that it could not be sustained any longer – hence a meltdown, and my return to the status of ‘free agent’.

I do not know how long this situation will last. Now I need to regroup, and devote my time (or at least part of it) to other things not related to music. This does not mean I will neglect my blog – on the contrary. Finally free from the obligation of having to crank out 10-12 reviews per month, I will be able to give this space an even more pleasing (not to mention useful) shape, including reviews of newer material along the ‘retro’ stuff I have been dealing with since the blog’s opening.

Thank you once again for visiting and supporting my little venture!

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