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Interlude – Changes #2

As I mentioned in my post of about two weeks ago,  I mean to give this blog a somewhat different function – not just a repository of reviews of  vintage albums, but mainly a showcase for new material.  The blog format will allow me to concentrate on the musical content of any album without having to worry about giving a rating – something that I have been increasingly feeling as a pointless constraint.

With my previous post –  the review of the Romantic Warriors documentary film – I have inaugurated my blog’s new trend. In the next few days I will start posting reviews of albums released in the past year or so, most of them exclusive to this site – which means my updates will be more frequent.  I know I have a small but loyal readership, and many musicians have appreciated the care and effort I put into the reviews I used to write for other sites. This is something I want to continue, though this time at my own pace, and in my own terms.

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